The digital world is necessary for a successful business, but it can be overwhelming. I’ll take care of this, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.


Not only can I generate photography content for your social media platforms, I also specialize in product photos and food photography.  We are in a digital age. Having a visual cue for what you’re selling is important, whether that be a product, food item or even the idea of your entire brand.



Social Media Management

Social media is an ever-changing mechanism in which you always have to be on your A game.  The algorithms are constantly adapting, new platforms are being released each year and trends are imperative to follow. This can be time consuming to tackle when you have so many other things to do as a business owner. I have years of experience with social media management, with extensive strategy training from major companies.

Graphic design

Using Adobe Illustrator and a range of other softwares, I’ll help you design graphics for your business. These could be anything from flyers, signage, product labels, booklets, logos, business cards, and marketing materials, to newsletters and more. The possibilities are endless.



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