Time to introduce myself 👋☺️

✏️ My name is Gabby.

📍 Located in Central Florida.

⭐️ I offer digital solutions such as social media management, graphic design, photography and much more!

⏳ I’ve been managing social media accounts for various companies since 2018.

📚 I’ve been lucky enough to receive social media management training from the Marriott global brand.

📷 I’ve done all types of photography, from people to products and even food!

🦠 Survived Coronavirus.

🏡 Became a first time home owner in 2020 (and designed the rose creative office here)!

🐾 I have two dogs: Hoagie & Noodle

🍪 Chocolate chip cookies are the best dessert.

I am passionate about helping small businesses grow.  Contact Rose Creative today so that my team can help you take your business to the next level!